Paper Products

American Sanitary Supply

We sell all paper products by the case. Our paper products are Kruger & Vondrehl brands. Our paper product offerings include uch items as Facial Tissue, Folded Towels, Roll Towels, Roll Towels, Toilet Seat Covers, Bathroom Tissue, Toilet Tissue, center pull tissue, and Wipers. We also supply Dispensers under our Equipment line.

An Environmental Choice

At American Sanitary Supply, along with our other great brands, we choose to use Kruger Products, whose Quality Policy demands, that they have “implemented the human and physical resources needed to continually improve our products and processes”. Quality is the responsibility of each of us directly involved in providing a service or product for our customers and end users. Management must provide a work environment that fosters employee involvement in, and accountability for quality.

Roll Towels

With smooth touchless dispensing, the Titan2 dispenser reduces the risk of cross contamination and bacteria transfer. You can adjust towel portions and can operate on average for six months or up to 45 800’ rolls on one set of “D” batteries. We also now have a “hands free” Titan dispenser and a “push bar” dispenser.

We are also proud to offer Scott Paper’s Standard and Jumbo roll towels in white and brown; and household towels in white.

Folded Towels

We offer many configurations of folded towels for all your needs, including; C– Fold Towels, Single Fold Towels, Multi Fold White, Multi Fold Brown.