American Sanitary Supply

American Sanitary Supply, Inc offers the best cleaning equipment in the industry. We sell many of teh top brands, including: Tornado, PowrFlite, Karcher and Eagle. We are here to provide our customers with the best quality equipment at the best value. We do not stop there. Purchase equipment from us and we will teach you and your employees how to properly use the machine in a safe and effective manner. And do not forget, we have the best equipment service department in the tri-state to quickly get your equipment back in the cleaning action. Click on the Repairs tab above to see how we can help you fix your equipment.


Screen, Blocks & Rims

We carry an assortment of these Restroom maintenance supply items including: NABC® Deodorizing Rim Cages For Toilet Bowls, Amsan Cherry Deodorizing Screens, NABC® Deodorizing Urinal Screens NABC Fresh Scent, NABC® Urinal Screens w/Deodorizer Block & Blue Dye Indicator NABC Fresh Scent, Para Urinal Blocks, Disposable Mats, UriGard® C for Commodes, UriGard® U for Urinals.



Mopping Equipment

From the WaveBrake® Mopping System - amop bucket & wringer system to a simpler combo bucket, American Sanitary has teh solution for your bsuiness. Some items we carry include: Fuller Extender Mop, Fuller Workhorse Mop, Fuller Tape Mop, Fuller Finish Mop, Dust Mops, Rubbermaid 9A50 Compact Mopping Combo, Impact 35qt combo bucket and wringer.


Brooms, Brushes & Squeeges

Here at American Sanitary, we carry many models of brooms from the standard housekeeping model, Angle Broom-flagged, Warehouse Corn broom, to the more industrial polypropylene models like the Speed Sweep, the GRAY FLAGGED PVC, Stiff center broom, and evn smaller truck was, ustility & counter brushes. Our Squeegee selection includes; Moss Rubber in Steel housing, Curved heavy-duty, heavy-duty with scraper, and The Moss Rubber Floor Squeegee in Flip Flop Style.


comercial vacuo

Comercial Vaccum Units

Designed with input from some of the world's largest consumers of upright vacuums, the CV series are truly in a class by themselves. In the CV 30 AND 38 HEPA UPRIGHT VACUUMS, TRUE HEPA filtration is present in the high efficiency three stage filter systems. The units come standard with this demanding level of filtration and were designed specifically to meet or exceed most worldwide indoor air quality standards. These units weigh only 17.5 lbs and are a dream to operate. Down time from clogged suction tubes has been solved by making access to all choke points "tool free". The machine has incorporated the best ideas the industry has to offer and then improved upon them. The units come standard with soft rubber bumpers, on board tools, a protected hose and cord assembly, a simple to use height adjustment and specially engineered shock absorbing wheels. Order in 12"and 15" sizes! Additional models we can provide include: PF 90, Tornado® CK LW, SAN886, SAN899, PV 6 Pac-Vac® Vacuum, CK 3030 WIDE AREA VACUUM CARPETKEEPER, P 15 Wet-Dry Vacuum, JUMBO ELECTRIC SERIES OF WET/DRY VACUUMS.


Carpet Extractors, Dryers & Hard Surface Cleaners

We carry a full line of carpet extractors and hard surface cleaners including the Advantage Line, by U.S. Products. Models we currently sell include; Advantage 400 for Restorative Deep Cleaning, Advantage 1200 for Hard Surface Cleaning, Advantage 200 and Advantage 100 for Heated Carpet Extraction.

Whether you’re a certified carpet technician or a carpet cleaning specialist, you will appreciate the features of Tornado’s® complete line of professional grade portable carpet extractors designed for daily, interim or deep restoration cleaning. Available in 100 p.s.i. without heat, 200 p.s.i. with heat and 400 p.s.i. with Perfect Heat, you can clean everything from heavily soiled carpets to drapes and upholstery. Some Tornado models we carry include; Marathon Carpetrinser Upright Extractors, Marathon Self-Contained Carpet Extractors, PFX900S, Mini-Marathon 425 C, and the PS35. When you are done cleaning be sure to dry your carpet with our WINDSHEAR 3000 AIR MOVER/CARPET DRYER.


Floor Scrubbers

Each of the units in Tornado's EZ Series of floor scrubbers provide excellent scrubbing results on a wide range of hard floor surfaces including tile, linoleum, cement, epoxy and rubberized surfaces. In a single pass, the EZ Floorkeeper lays down solution, scrubs and re-covers dirty water leaving a clean, dry floor in its wake. Tornado EZ scrubbers are used worldwide in in retail stores, grocery chains, commercial and light industrial applications. Units ship complete with our uniquely designed "roll off and run" pallet and de-livery system.


Floor Machines - Slow & High Speed

The workhorses of daily maintenance, the DS series of Floor Machines has been designed to work for many years with it's electronically controlled solid state motor technology that eliminates moving parts and generates loads of pull up torque. Deluxe 1.5HP models with Triple Planetary gear systems, rolled steel bases and epoxy painted shrouds for heavy-duty applications. Cast Aluminum robust safety start guard handles are standard on all units. Additionally, The Classic line by Powr-Flite combines the enduring popularity of an all metal floor machine with the most technologically advanced motors, transmissions and electrical components. You get the craftsmanship of the classic metal floor machine with the depend-ability of all metal construction and the features for the most challenging floor jobs. Models we carry include; DS SERIES, Classic Series, P-2600, Tornado 1500 series Floor Glazer, Tornado’s® P Series of High-Speed electric burnishers, The Contractor Series.



Floor Pads

You have the machine - we have the refill pads. Whether you are e carry both high-speed and low speed pads including; 3M™ 4100 White Super Polish Pad, 3M™ 5100 Red Buffer Pad, 3M™ 5300 Blue Cleaner Pad, 3M™ 7200 Black Stripper Pad, 3M™ 7300 High Productivity Stripping Pad, 3M™ 3600 Eraser Burnish Pad, Glit Blue Ice Pad, 3M™ 3500 Natural Blend Tan Pad, P269 Low Profile with Green Scrub Strips, P259 Low-Profile Bonnet.


Sponges & Wipers

American Sanitary can provide your organization with a selection of many sponges & wipers by the case. Some items we commonly provide include: Scotch-Brite™ Medium Duty Scrub Sponge, Scotch-Brite™ Power Sponge 3000CC, Mr. Clean Eraser Pads, Scotch-Brite™ Light Duty Clean-sing Pad 98, Scotch-Brite™ General Pur-pose Scour Pad 96, Scotch-Brite™ Heavy Duty Com-mercial Scouring Pad 86, Scotch-Brite™ Stainless Steel Scrubber 84, Microspun Microfiber cloths, WH200 and WH300 wipers, Orange Peels multi-purpose wipes.


Floor Mats

We have many options available to provide the perfect matting for your specific needs. Please speak to your sales representative or give us a call about all of our options which include; Entrance Mats Indoor, Entrance Mats Outdoor, Interior Mats, Logo Mats Indoor, Logo Mats Outdoor, Tiles and Roll Goods, Anti-fatigue Mats Wet Areas, Anti-fatigue Mats Dry Areas, Slip Resistant Mats, Floor Protection Mats, Welding Safe Mats, Anti-Static Mats, Static Dissipative Mats, and Message Mats. Below are web addresses to two of our top mat manufacturers that can assist in finding exactly what you are looking for. or


light bulbs

Light Bulbs

American Sanitary can supply your company with light bulbs to keep your business, factory or retail location bright. Our Supplier, SLI Lighting has a variety of LED, fluorescent, and traditional bulbs. Please speak to your sales representative regarding all of your lighting needs.



From Waste, Material Handling, and Foodservice we have many different containers available to us. Some Waste solutions from Rubbermaid include; Mega BRUTE®, BRUTE® Utility, Indoor Utility, Confidential Waste, Medical Waste, Rigid Liners, Can Liners, Outdoor Decorative, Indoor Decorative, Smoking Management, Recycling Waste. Some Foodservice needs include; Food Storage, Food Preparation, Insulated Products, Pan Racks, Racks and Carts, Ware Handling, Condiment Dispensers, Beverage & Table Service, Youth Seating, Pelouze® Scales, Thermometers, TimersIce Handling. Please speak to your sales representative or to browse visit :



From Economical to Industrial sprayers, small quart sprayers to to large foggers - American Sanitary can help you find the right sprayer for yoru specific needs. Some models we provide include; DuraSpray Series, PB Industrial Sprayers, 2300 My-Ti-Lite Non-ULV fogger.


Cleaning & Window Tools

At American Sanitary we can provide the tools for any job at hand. Feather dusters, lambswool dusters, toilet brushes and scrubbers, pH Papers, Disposable gloves, caddies, dustpans, safety goggles, face masks, foam guns, and more. For window cleaning we have a number ifitems including; TheOriginalStrip ® Washer Sleeve, Opti Loc Extension Poles 4ft- 8ft- 18ft, Monsoon Plus Strip Washer Sleeve, VisaVersa, Nifty Nabber, ErgoTec®Scraper, Safety Scraper, ErgoTec® Safety Scraper, razor blade scrapers.



A very important part of any business, we have many items that can solve your hygiene needs. We can provide items such as; Rubbermaid 7818 Sturdy Station 2 Baby Changing Table, Rubbermaid 7817-00 Paper Liner, Koala Baby Changing Station, Dual Sanitary Napkin/Tampon Dispenser, Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser Toilet Seat Covers 5000/cs, Sanitary Napkin Receptacle, Sanitary Dispenser Waxed Liners, Tampax Tampons– 500/cs, Stayfree Maxis 250/cs.


Dispensing Units

Our chemical management dispensing units are state of teh art and easy to use. A few of the systems we carry include; Clean On The Go 3-Sink System, Clean On the Go® Chemical Management Systems 1 gpm Low Flow or 3.5 Hiigh FlowDispenser, Clean On The Go® Chemical Management Systems Lock & Dial, Clean by Peroxy Dispenser with Gallon Locking Cabinet, Spartan Tote Dispenser System, Laundry Dispensing Units.