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Please feel free to contact us anytime regarding any questions you may have or if you are looking for a specific brand or product. While many of our items are from Spartan Chemical Company, Tornado Vacuums, and Kruger Products, we have many other products available than are listed on this website and are always willing to research those we may not stock. Please give us a call or speak to your sales representative regarding pricing. All of us at American Sanitary look forward to serving you soon!


Looking for all purpose cleaners, Bathroom & shower cleaners,carpet & upholstery products, cleansers & abrasives, degreasers, disinfectants & sanitizers, floor cleaners & neutralizers, floor drain cleaners, floor waxes & finishes, floor strippers, furniture polishes, glass cleaners, green & eco-preferred products, hydrogen peroxide cleaners, insecticides, laundry products, lubricants, odor control, soap & shampoo, or even window cleaning? We carry many popular chemicals from many different companies including Spartan. See Many of our Chemical Products from American Sanitary Supply.

Paper Products

Our paper product offerings include uch items as Facial Tissue, Folded Towels, Roll Towels, Roll Towels, Toilet Seat Covers, Bathroom Tissue, Toilet Tissue, center pull tissue, and Wipers. See Some Paper products from American Sanitary Supply.


Our high-quality liners will fit many sizes from 4-7 gallon containers up to the larger 60 gallon sizes. See Some Liner products from American Sanitary Supply.


American Sanitary Supply, Inc offers the best cleaning equipment in the industry. We are here to provide our customers with the best quality equipment at the best value. We carry many items including; Screens, Blocks & Rim Cages, Mopping Equipment, Brooms, Brushes & Squeeges, Commercial Vaccum Units, Carpet Extractors, Dryers & Hard Surface Cleaners, Floor Scrubbers, Floor Machines - Slow & High Speed, Floor Pads, Sponges & Wipers, Floor Mats, Light Bulbs, Containers, Sprayers, Cleaning & Window Tools, Dispensing Units, and Hygiene.
See Some Equipment & supplies offered from American Sanitary Supply.

Laundry Products

Spartan’s Clothesline Fresh Laundry line is the newest technology in professional laundry care from a trusted name in the Jan/San Industry. Spartan’s laundry program consists of twelve products formulated and tested to offer the most advanced laundry technology available. See Some Launddry Products offered from American Sanitary Supply.

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